DIY Cow Floral Home Décor

A house is not a home without some home décor, don´t you think? And a meal is not a meal without a good wine. I´m just kidding on this last one. But I do enjoy a good one. I realized I have plenty or bottles of wine clean and ready for me to make something interesting with them. This Bottle of wine revamp love started when I decided to turn this bottle of wine into a little fishbowl type floral home décor, without the fish, of course. It is like the park for the fishy. 

Today, I am all about the cows. I actually wanted something cute for the kitchen to doll it up a bit. It needs more like a whole reconstruction, but step by step. I have always liked how cow-decorations look on kitchens; in fact I have a somewhat big  “painting” type thing in there already. I say it like that, because I actually painted that one. So, to continue with the family cow, I decided to go for these two. One is white and the other is black. They contrast and complement each other harmoniously, like family. Every time I go to the kitchen the “sisters cow” are the first thing that pops. Because I placed them together, you know so they can chat.. Ok, enough for the ramble and craziness. Let´s get crafty.

Materials and how-to:
-       2 clean and empty bottles of wine. They don´t have to be exclusively wine just bottle big enough, with a cute shape to them.
-       Black and white acrylic paint.
-       Brushes.
-       Satin finish top coat.
-       Fake flower. Is optional if you want to use fake or natural flowers, I like fresh natural ones but fake ones last a lot longer with me =P.
-       Cutters and pliers.


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