Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DIY Halloween Phone Case

Helloween everyone! Ever since I posted this DIY Piano Iphone Case I have received among YouTube a lot of positive feedback, and it has become a quite popular video, if not the most popular one on my channel. I came to the conclusion people like that kinda thing. So every time I have a cool Phone case to show, I definitely will. Since it´s almost Halloween and I love everything about Halloween, I wanted to share this one as well.

Supplies and materials are mentioned in the how-to video below, but just in case you missed something I will write it down for ya:
-Iphone case.
-Ghost image from Online.
- Black, white and orange acrylic paint.
- A thin brush. However is going to be easier to use a brush per color, so I would highly suggest you to use at least 2.
- Satin finish or sealer.

Happy halloween everyone!

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