I love Fall Cookies

 Hi everyone! Fall and winter are my favorite seasons, that´s for sure. I love everything about them. And even thought I don´t live in a place where it gets cold, I still love fall and winter. For me, the snow, a cute warm coat, boots, a scarf and some cloves, will definitely never get old. I´m a fall/winter kind of girl. And today´s post is not an exception for all those things I love.

I made these cookies last year, and even though they were my very first try on making leaves out of royal icing leaves, I still like them. You can clearly see they are not too pro, or too neat, but I still think they look somewhat cute. What do you think?

Fast forward to now, these ones are a totally different concept, but pretty much the same colors.  To make them you´ll need:
-       Big letters cookie cutters. I bought mine from a local baking supply store, but you can also find similar here.
-       Leaf cookie cutters. I bought a set from Wilton.
-       Rolling pin. I attached spacer bands. Here is my DIY for it.
-       Knife
-       Cookie dough recipe here
-       Royal icing recipe here
-       Ziploc bags (Optional: piping bags and piping tips)
-       AmeriColor gel food coloring in: green, orange, brown and black.
-       Needle tool or scribe tool. Here is my DIY for it.

Which is your favorite time of the year? Happy baking & enjoy!


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