M&M hugging Bear Cookies

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Hello and happy weekend! Today I wanted to share this recreation of this idea I recently saw online. 
The idea I got inspired from has teddy bears with slightly different faces, different shapes and they are holding almonds and peanuts. Mine are a bit different. I choose my sugar cookies and M&M´s, because I wanted something a bit more colorful this time.

They as you previously saw, I made some teddy bears with no faces, then I made some with faces, but kind of standard faces, and then I made some with some lashes, or at least that´s the impression I was going for. Those are the sassy ones!

What I used to make them:
-       Sugar cookies dough recipe here
-       Rolling pin with spacer bands here.
-       Teddy bear cookie cutter. Mine if from Wilton, it came in a set and I bought at a local store.
-       M&Ms. Of course you can add the candy of your choice. Since the holding item is kind of the point of this idea you can always add the candy according to the season. I´m thinking since Halloween is just around the corners you can switch those M&Ms to some candy corns if you like. 
-       Spatula. (Optional)
-       Brown gel food coloring. I used Ameri-Color brand. 
-       Almond extract. Mine is from Wilton. 
-       Toothpick.

*Note. As you will be able to see in the below how-to video, I painted the faces, if you prefer, you can add the faces with royal icing as well.  Happy baking & enjoy!


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