My Disneyland Trip!

 Disneyland, oh, Disneyland…how I love you!

Hi guys! I just came back from a family trip couple days ago, and one of the things we did is visited Disneyland California. I don´t get to travel that often, but when I do, I like to take memories with me in photo and now video form. And because I knew I wanted to have a video of my trip, I did grab my video camera more than my regular camera. I think it´s quite cool to be able to actually hear everything that happens.

This is just Disney through my perspective. I went with my sister, my 4 nieces, the nanny, and a friend of one of my nieces. I was "in charge" of two of my nieces and the friend, I couldn´t record every single thing I saw or every step I took, because Disney was so crowded and we only had a few hours to enjoy a lot of the attractions. So I just grabbed small pieces and bits from here and there. Hope you enjoy it.

Now, this is not a vlog, you don´t see me or hear me talk, as I´ve seen that trend on YouTube. This one is me filming little pieces of things that got my attention. I wanted to capture Disneyland on it´s glory with all of it´s millions of visitors. Plus, most of the times I am more of an observant rather than a talkative person.

There is something about Disney, though. I always have the time of my life! Have you been there or to any of the other Disneyland's of the world? Did you like it? Or like me, still love it like you did ever since the first time you visited?


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