Cherry Decorated Cookies

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing this design that came to mind when in stores I say this pretty item:

I think items designed with cherries are super cute, I tend to like anything with cherries printed on them.  However, I don´t like the taste of cherries just like how they look from the outside. So, this don´t taste like cherries, just have the design on them.

Recipes and materials we´ll need:
-       Cookie dough recipe here
-       Royal icing recipe here
-       Rolling pin with spacer bands DIY here.
-       Scribe tool DIY here.
-       Red, green and black gel fool coloring.
-       Ziploc bags. (Optional Piping bag/tips).
-       Optional: Add ½ to 1 teaspoon of cherry flavor to your dough before baked if you want your cookies to taste like cherries as well.  Happy Baking!


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