Christmas Hugging Bear Decorated Cookies

Hello! I am really excited to start my Christmas Decorated Cookies for this year. To break the ice, I wanted to make a Christmas version of this previous idea I made a couple months back. I saw online the original idea here and I loved it so much I wanted to make it happen with bears hugging multiple foods and edible objects as I could thing off, but for now, those are the two I have. 

But let´s admire this cute guys a bit more. Aren´t they adorable with their little hats and hugging that royal-icing-candy-cane and just so festive? Ah! I love them!

But let me tell you how I made them, what I used and at the end I give you some “transportation” ideas. Yeah, because after all the work we put on out little hat, the last thing we want is for it to break.

-       Chocolate cookie dough recipe Here. 
-       Teddy bear cookie cutter
-       Rolling pin with spacer bands. DIY under “Rolling pin with spacer bands” on the search box of this blog.
-       Paper and pencil or pen
-       Marker and Scissor
-       Parchment or wax paper
-       Royal icing recipe Here
-       Ziploc bags or piping bags and piping tips
-       Scribe tool. DIY under “Scribe/needle/dotting tool” on the search box of this blog.
-       AmeriColor gel food colors in Tulip Red and Forest Green
-       Almost Extract mine is from the brand Wilton
-       Disco Dust in rainbow
-       Toothpick
* I got those recipes from this amazing blog. My versions are just half the original recipes.

-       Cupcake wrappers
-       Twine or ribbon
-       Hole maker
-       Bag or a box (optional)

Once we gather all those things we need, let´s get started. Happy Baking!


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