DIY Thin Brush for Nail Art or Fine Details

Hi everyone! I, in general, like to paint. Nails, cell phone cases, random things around the house, my accessories, and tiny tiny pieces that require so much more precision that any “thin” or “nail art brush” I find offers.

After searching for months even a year, for “the perfect thin brush” I came to the conclusion that, honey, if you can´t find it, just try to create it. And so I did.

For that you essentially need to cut the excess of bristles. Now, I know a lot of people prefer using a pair of small scissors, or nail cutters, but those supplies doesn´t really work for me. Maybe I´m just too blind, or I feel I don´t have that much control with that. If that happens to you to, then you might find this idea useful as well.

Materials needed:
-       Thin brush. They regularly come in sets. You can buy them online, I have previously bought sets at Sally Beauty Supply, at art stores or at nail art supplies stores (like I did). All over the place, just look for a really thin and detailed brush.
-       X-acto knife.

Happy painting, and enjoy!


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