Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY Faux Stud Pearl Earrings!

Hi everyone! I love making polymer clay accessories and jewelry in general, but I feel weird when I go out without earrings, especially to special events or on the weekends to have fun and such not that I do that often, but when I do, I like to doll myself up a bit. With that in mind and because I looove pearls, I made this earrings out of polymer clay a couple of months back.

And for weekdays I keep things pretty simple, but still I want to wear earrings, so for those days I made these other stud earrings.

Today, I am combining those two. I want to have faux pearl type earrings of all kind. Why faux? Because I cannot afford the real things, and because, if I did, I couldn’t settle with just one pair, you know what m saying!

-        1 pair of ear posts
-        1 pair of crystal or white rhinestones. The nail art type
-        Pliers
-        Epoxy glue. Or any glue that works well with jewelry items.
-        I foam block. Optional but if you have one, you will be thankful you have it!
-        White nail polish. White on by Sally Hansen.
-        Pearl nail polish. Well-cultured Pearl by Finger Paint

I think these turn out fantastic.. if I can say so myself. Check the how-to below and happy jewelry making!

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