Merry Christmas Cookies

Christmas is almost here, and what better way to enjoy the holidays with cookies that say: Merry Christmas.  I actually made these cookies last year, packed them individually in gift bags with pretty ribbons, placed my cookie bags on a very festive tray, in the middle of the table, and it was both a dessert and a pretty center piece to look at.

This year I am sharing the how-to. I don´t have any special skills or talents when it comes to decorating cookies that I think are different from any other person who likes decorated cookies as well, so, anyone can do them!

-       “Chocolate Cookie Dough Recipe” (*)  
-       “Royal Icing Recipe” (*)
-       “Rolling pin with spacer bands” (*)
-       Letters cookie cutters.
-       Small leaf cookie cutter.
-       “Scribe tool” (*)
-       Ziploc bags.
-       Gel Food Coloring in: 2 different shades of green, red, white, orange, black. I used Americolor.
-       Gold Disco Dust. I used from the brand Wilton.
-       Thin Brush.
-       Almond Extract.
-    A few items from this other post. 
(*) I have tutorials of those on this blog, just go to the Search bar.

The how-to is here. I divided the tutorial in 2 parts. (Otherwise, that would´ve been a 15-20 minute video, easily. Nobody aint got time for that!)

First Part: MERRY word.

Second Part: CHRISTMAS word.

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