New Year´s Cookies!

Hello Everyone!
It is still pretty cray cray to me how dang fast this year has gone. Every month flew by so fast, that, or maybe I´m busier. Either way we are now concluding this year.

I made a lot of resolutions for year 2014 that I honestly didn´t do. I gotta keep it real this time, as much as I would like to travel to Africa this year too, I am doing simpler resolutions for 2015. Things I know depends on me if I do them or not. Like baking more stuff, fun stuff other than just cookies, but cupcakes, more cakes, I don´t know, there are zillion recipes out there and I feel I only got around to do cookies. I will still bake cookies that´s for sure, but I will try more recipes this year. More fun DIYs, I have no shame and the only excuse I have for this is called procrastination. Not a real excuse, so, that´s got to go. One nail art per month, I thought of quitting because my nails are short and my hands are ugly, but then I got over myself, and maybe someone else out there is into my ideas nail art, and ya know…whoever likes it will like it, and those who don´t, well, they wont. As simple as that. As deep as that.

More phone cases. I love doing those things and I only got to paint 2! I still have plenty ideas, that I will for sure try next year.

My other resolutions: cooking more, more exercise, more water, more reading, socializing less with YouTube and my computer and more with other humans. Stepping back of my comfort zone as much as I can. It´s ok to know one is introvert. It´s not so good to just want to live your life alone, that´s what I think. For now that´s all, which is a lot, for me!

Anyways, this is going to be my last idea (for this 2014 year!). It´s super duper easy I promise that and definitely wrapping up the year with one of the best recipes and ingredients I have tried this year.

-       Cookie dough recipe here
-       Chopped Nuts
-       Number cookie cutter, or if you don´t own any, just make them yourself. In the video below I explain how).
-       Water
-       Brush

Free step-by-step video where I explain how to bake them! Happy New year´s and Happy baking!


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