Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Year´s Holiday Cookies!

Hello everyone!
First of all Merry Christmas! I hope you are having an amazing time celebrating it! I don´t know what happened to 2014, but it sure went by pretty fast! Although this year I did do some of the famous resolutions I have more stuff I want to do for next year. One of those things is posting more. Because I can and because I like doing that! Procrastination has had a huge opportunity this year with me and my life has been super supportive of it. It´s annoying how I am able to do more things than I do. Sad more than annoying! So, 2015, I wait for you strong and active! I hope the rest of my body is willing to cooperate with me. If you, that will be a fun time!

Anyways, here I am sharing the first of the last for this year. I have 1 more set of cookies coming this week. Oh, and because of my procrastination I have been doing a lot more cookies than any other desserts. I love cookies don´t get me wrong, but the fact that you can separate the steps and slip them into days helps my procrastination a lot more. (One day I´ll bake and do the royal icing, the next day I´ll do the decoration, etc etc). Next year, I will go on my kitchen and do more cupcakes, cakes and more desserts, different types, in general. I actually still have a list of desserts I want to try. Damn you, procrastination! But for now, I think these ones are pretty cute, elegant and delicious!

-       Cookie dough recipe. I am using my chocolate cookie dough recipe here.
-       Royal icing recipe here.
-       Ziploc bags.
-       Scribe tool DIY here.
-   Rolling Pin with spacer bands DIY here
-       Green and red Sprinkles.
-     Gold and rainbow luster dust.
-     Almond extract
-     Thin brush

Here is a YouTube step-by-step video that shows you how I made them. Happy Baking!

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