Friday, January 16, 2015

Alice In Wonderland Cookies

I love Alice in Wonderland, the cartoon, and the other day I was watching it and I totally got inspired to recreate the cookies she takes out of a cookie container:

Now, that scene was pretty damn fast but I could pause it on time (sort of) take a screenshot and tried to recreate what I saw.

To make these I used:

-       Round with details on the edges and start Cookies. I used my chocolate cookie dough recipe.
-       Royal Icing recipe here. In 20 to 25 sec consistency.
-       Rollin pin with space bands DIY here.
-       Scribe tool DIY here.
-       Ziploc bags.
-       Yellow, black, purple, pink, brown gel food coloring. I use and recommend AmeriColor brand.
-       Gold disco dust.
-       Small brush.
-       Almond extract.

Here is how I made them. Happy Baking!

This is the ugly duck of the whole bunch. There is always one that doesn´t really work and doesn´t make it, this is it! I was going for a quilting design, maybe next time!

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