Chocolate Hearts | Valentine´s Day Gift Idea

Hi everyone! Even though I particularly don´t celebrate Valentine´s Day, I still wanted to share this idea for all those who do celebrate it. These ones are not exclusive to that date, but because they look so romantic and have such decadent flavors, they go pretty well for Valentine´s Day. I would say they are kind of ideal for it.

I can totally imagine 3 scenarios with them.
The romantic one: a couple, having some wine after a romantic dinner and these little hearts as treats.
The familiar:  A family in a family gathering on a Saturday afternoon, after lunch, enjoying them.
The wedding guests: A few friends enjoying them, after having the man course, at their best friend´s small wedding.

-       10-12 Nuts, chopped. But you can add less or more. It all depends on how many nuts you want to add.
-       ½ cup Semisweet Hershey's Chocolate Chips. I used the ones that come with tempering instructions at the back.
-       1/3 cup chopped Mixed Berries, chunky pieces.

Now, I did use frozen berries, but next time I will be definitely be using fresh ones. Watch the following step-by-step tutorial to find out why. Happy heart-making!

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