DIY M&M Phone Case | Valentine´s Day Gift Idea

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share this Cell Phone case I did for my 7-year-old niece. I wanted to give her something M&M related because I know how much she loves that stuff (and I love them too, so delish). I went with the red M&M because, she´s this sassy little girl (I think red goes better with that), she loves red, green and brow and Valentine´s Day is almost here, so why not giving away or rocking a red cell phone case for that holiday? You know, people give those chocolate in that day anyway, why not go a bit further.

-       Pencil and eraser.
-       Different size brushes.
-       Piece of paper or plastic. Basically any surface you don´t mind getting messy.
-       Big dotting tool, the back of a brush will work.
-       X-acto knife.
-       Acrylic paints: Red, white, black, green, orange, blue, yellow and brown.
-       Spray gloss.

Here is the how-to. Happy painting and let me know, what is your fave M&M?


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