Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Last-Minute Easy Super Bowl Snack!

HI everyone! I am not a huge sports fan, unless is the Olympics and the World Cup, other than that I always tend to forget what´s when, hence my super last minute post on these. But I thought I´d share anyways, because not only are these practical, yummy and no baking needed, I mean…why not!

-       ½ cup Semi Sweet Hershey´s Chocolate Chips.
-       2 tablespoon of white chocolate
-       15-20 nuts.
-       Tray
-       Wax paper
-       Ziploc bag
-       Toothpick
-       Fork

Quantities are optional and approximate; once you watch the video I explain a bit more of that. Have a super fun time, and happy snacking!