Valentine's Day Nails: The Sweet & Anti-Valentine´s

Hello! Whether you celebrate Valentine´s Day or not I have something for ya´ll. I honestly wasn´t sure if posting these two in the same post, because they are kind of opposite, but then, its kind of the same subject and for the same purpose which is showing an easy design for an occasion, so here we go.

The first one is all about love and celebrating this day. This one has sweet little hearts that are so easy to paint. Perfect for those who want to have a cute design, that´s subtle but still there!


-       Sand Tropez by Essie
-       No Hard Feeling by Sally Hansen
-       Love Rocks by Sally Hansen
-       White on by Sally Hansen
-       Winner takes it all by Maybelline
-       Nail Hardener by Sally Hansen
-       Toothpick
-       Thin brush DIY here.



The second one is for those who don´t celebrate it, and are pretty much against it. Mainly because they don´t like all the drama of the day, or because they think it´s all cheesy, and pretty boring when you don´t have a partner. They think it´s all about merchandizing more than actual feelings. They usual go by the saying of “Love Sucks”, this is for them!


-       Base Coat by Beauty Secrets
-    Black Out by Sally Hansen
-       No Hard Feeling by Sally Hansen
-       Love Rocks by Sally Hansen
-       Red Acrylic Paint because I run out of red nail polish
-       Nail Hardener by Sally Hansen
-       Dotting Tool DIY here.
-       Thin brush DIY here.



For me I am a little bit of both. I use to be against it, I am not going to lie, but then I realized, that I like love, I love my family, my boyfriend and friends. The thing that would bother me is all the merchandizing everywhere. Stores that would make you buy stuff so you can “tell someone you love them” when in reality it shouldn´t be a matter of either money or a special date. Love should be shown daily, and you shouldn’t have to buy something to tell someone how special he or she is. Details are essential, but they don´t necessarily cost. It also is a huge remainder of how important someone thinks having a partner is, when no one should feel pressured if they don´t have a partner. Love isn´t exclusive for a partner, love is for everyone/something important in one´s life. I mean, is not the same love you have for your family, than you do for your partner, but it´s still love. Yes, I totally said something, because sometimes we love object. Nothing wrong with that I think: A dress we treasure, a photo of an especial occasion, a letter, a movie ticket that reminds us to something special. etc.

Another think that would bother me before, is everything turns red and pink. I guess I am not that girly, and I prefer something a bit more classy, modern and a bit edgy, so a black and white, neutrals or colorful store calls my attention way more than an “all pink” one.  But that´s just me I suppose.

Anyways, enough of me rambling. I just needed to express how I feel about love, and about Valentine´s Day in particular.

Happy always. Love always. Do you like/celebrate Valentine´s Day? If so, how?

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