DIY Accessories out of Polymer Clay!

Hi everyone! 
Today I wanted to quickly say Hi and let you know about this exciting news I got. 
I made my first online course: Accessories out of Polymer Clay!

If you are into creating your own accessories with affordable and friendly materials, at your own time you´ll love this. No need for special or fancy tools.  These are fun projects suitable for anyone, regardless if you have worked with polymer clay before or not.

I guide students through the entire process, from what materials to use, to all the steps to re-create them, such cutting polymer clay before and after baked, sculpt, make different shapes, paint, glue, etc. Everything and anything you need to know in order to make them. I also give tips and tricks I´ve learned along the 4 years I´ve been working with this amazing material.

My course contains 10 lessons. Each lessons equals one accessory, so in total you will be leaving with 10 new accessories or at least ideas, tips and tricks that will help you to make these or similar items
It´s only $14.99. Join here

P.S. Perfect for a Valentine´s Day Gift!


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