Easy Chocolate Covered Pretzels | Valentine´s Day Gift Ideas

Today I wanted to share this idea, that originally was mean to be in video form, as all my dessert ideas are, but I don´t know what happened to my recorded files. I couldn´t find them all over my computer (I even searched on files/folders I kind of forgot I had), and I didn´t find anything. I either deleted the files while cleaning my camera or I never actually pressed “record” to begin with. Sometimes that happens when I am too concentrated on what I am doing, then I look at the camera and realize I am not recording anything of what I am doing. When that happens I have to start the whole thin all over again. Is either that or I am totally out of frame. But today is simply don´t have the files. I which I had a camera buddy, that would be wonderful!

I still wanted to share the idea for Valentine´s Day, because I think they go great for the occasion. Not only are they super practical, ready in no-time and cute, they are delish (I mean, chocolate, say no more)!

*Note: Quantities are optional, but this is how much I used.

-       ½ cup Pretzels.
-       ¾ cup semisweet chocolate. I used and recommend Hershey´s Chocolate Chips. Tempered. Following tempering instructions that come at the back of the package.
-       Handful of Nuts. Finely Chopped.
-       Tray. Or plate, something you can put inside your fridge.
-       Parchment/wax paper.
-       Fork.
-       Toothpick.



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