Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DIY Makeup Storage

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing this quick little tip for storing makeup brushes, mascaras, or even pencils for school/work. I store some of my makeup stuff in this tall coffee mug I got from Disneyland a while ago.

I bought it, used it for what it is, then switched to drinking milk on it, but I kind of like to drink milk in a regular glass (transparent, where you can see your milk). I thought of adding some flowers and use it as a floral base at some point then I got over that idea since I saw all my brushes and mascaras in a drawer all stuck in there, where I did´t have that much of a practical access and most of the times I couldn´t even tell what I had there, since, most of the times I am in a rush when I do my makeup! You can probably tell I am pretty boring when it comes to makeup, I spend most time choosing outfits, or with my hair, but I do still wear it.

Aaaanyways, rambling much, here is what I did very simple tip. Probably didn´t even need a whole video, maybe I should´ve just make an #InstaDIY or something, but I like filming, and explaining, and rambling, and sharing, and all that good stuff! Happy crafting!

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