Wednesday, March 18, 2015

DIY Mini Floral Phone Case

 Hi everyone! Today I´m sharing this cell phone case idea that I love. I love floral print with darker backgrounds, because it´s like my taste, a bit girly but a bit edgy as well. This one is pretty easy to paint, looks pretty cute BUT my only disclaimer or down side to it is how the topcoat ended up looking. For that, I always tend to use a gloss spray, I used it in previous cellphone cases, and it gives a nice, smooth-ish surface, but I wanted to try something else, because they odor is pretty strong, I find, and I thought of giving Mod Podge a try for that. Maybe I need to get more familiar the uses of Mod Podge and how to get the surface smoother with it, and take the stickiness away from it, because those are the issues that I ended up having with it, as you can see here:

I will keep on experimenting with this Mod Podge, but other than the un-even and sticky surface I really like how it turned out. If MP doesn´t work for me, or I cannot figure it, I will stick to my gloss in spray form from Home Depot and just wear a mask or something!

This clothing piece that Sarah is holding is where I got inspired from,  isn´t the pattern just lovely?

Paints, materials and how-to come in this friendly video, happy crafting!