Peanut Butter and Chocolate Swirl Candies

I´ve been having a thing for chocolate, peanut butter and nuts recently. Chocolate has always been my thing, because recently it has been with those other two. For these, I still don´t know how to call them: Cookies? Coins? Swirl Candies? That´s the best I can do. They are pretty easy to make, easy on the eye, and they are bite-size. ENJOY!

-       ½ cup semisweet chocolate. I´ve been loving Hershey´s Chocolate Chips.
-       1 tablespoon peanut butter. I personally like Skippy.
-       Nuts. For quantities above I used like 5-6 nuts. Finely chopped.

-       Paper + pencil.
-       Wax paper.
-       Sandwich bag + scissors
-       Spoon.
-       Knife. (Optional food processor)

(personal update) – I took an almost 3 week break, because apparently my mind wasn´t feeling like multitasking, but I´ve missed both doing stuff and sharing it. I have plenty of ideas for next projects, hopefully everything turns out as expected!


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