Chocolate Half-Covered Apple

Hi everyone! I couldn´t go to bed before posting things one. I am a chocolate freak, if you´ve been reading my blog, you might know, but if you are new here...I am, hence this snack idea!

I´ve seen chocolate covered apples and I love them, but I wanted to add kind of my own twist to it. This apple is cut into slices, making the whole grabbing thing a little bit easier, well a lot, because sometimes you just want to have one tiny piece instead of the whole apple.

Tools and Ingredients:
- 1 apple
- 1/2 c. chocolate. I prefer to temper mine, and I use Chocolate Chip, by Hershey´s.
- 1 tbsp nuts. Chopped.

I made it easy for you and me, and I made a step-by-step tutorial. Happy snacking, and let me know if you like this idea!


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