DIY Jewelry Dish using Polymer Clay

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing this idea of an item that comes on handy when you have a situation similar to mine. Every time I would go and take a shower, I would always take off my jewelry or accessories before taking a shower and then place them next to my shower. It was getting kind of frustrating because I didn´t have a “proper” place to place them while they were there and before I put them back on where I usually store them...First World Problems. I know, but is always the small things, and if there is something that could simplify and make like just a tad bit easier, I´ll take it. Plus, I was starting to loose all my item because …well, you need to watch the video below, where I explain myself a bit more (comes with a bit of “acting”)

As far as materials I used:
polymer clay
mason jar lid
parchment paper
mint green paint
cooper paint – Florentine Gold by Liquid leaf
makeup sponge
epoxic glue
x acto knife
satin finish
round plastic cookie cutter

Original idea and tips on the cooper paint here

Here comes the tutorial, with tips and tricks. Hopefully you find it helpful, and let me know if you have a situation similar to mine. Happy crafting!


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