Saturday, April 25, 2015

Easy Jello Desserts: 3 in 1 (Pinterest Inspired)

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share this 3 in 1 desserts. I saw the original idea a while back on Pinterest, here. I think the idea is so unique and original, and perfect because of how easy it is to make, well, at least my version. I guess I am not the only one who loved the idea because every time I see more and more people sharing the same idea. And then, that idea got me inspired to make the rest. The original idea works with somewhat different ingredients than I did, mainly because I was running out of strawberries, but also because I didn´t want to copy-paste the idea,  so instead of running out the door and buy my strawberries, I figured why not working with what I have. 
The result was yummy!

You only need some Jell-O and Whip Cream really, the rest is just for garnish, but in the following tutorial I will let you know what else you need and I will guide you through the process:

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