Panda Nails

Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to share with you how to paint cute little pandas on your nails with colorful background, pretty easy and effective. I wanted to try this design for the longest time, but keeping it real, my nails will never be that long naturally, mainly because I honestly prefer them shorter. I do feel this design requires a bit more nails space than the space I have on my nails, which you can see in the tutorial below.

Few notes of those photos:
- Quality isn´t the best, my photo camera is "at the hospital" right now, she´s getting fixed, so until them my iPhone is my new assistant, and I do shake quite a bit, as you can probably tell from the not so neat image.
- My fave one is the blue one, my least fave one is the green one, not because I don´t like the color combination, but because how yellow the white turns.
- The thumb photo is totally Photoshopped. I guess you can tell. But I wanted to show how the nail looks like on the finger. (Simulating a real, long nail painted).

Other than that, let´s get to it! Tools, polishes and how to next! Happy painting and let me know what panda you like the most!



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