Tuesday, May 19, 2015

DIY "Ok, but first coffee" T-shirt

If I had my own brand, this is how it would look like. A girl can dream!

Hi everyone! I´ve seen the "Ok, but first coffee" t-shirt ALL over Instagram and Pinterest. I love the idea as much as I love coffee and black tees, but I couldn´t find the tee anywhere near me, so I wanted to re-create it, with my own twist, for sure.

- Clothing dye in black. only applies when your t-shirt is not black.
- Computer and any software like Microsoft word or Photoshop.
- Search for "Impact" font in dafont.com
- Paper. If you have access to one of those sticky papers use it. If not paper and a few pins will be fine.
- Cutter and some sort of foam. I used the back of my mouse pad.
- White textile paint.
- foam/sponge brush.

* Note: all the computer and fonts thingies are there because we are going to make the stencils, but if you find a font stencil you like go for it!

How to:

As far as for the earrings shown in the video, here is the mentioned tutorial for them on Curious.com!