Friday, May 29, 2015

Heart Sprinkle Cookie Sticks

Hi everyone! I loved everything about these cookies. I have to say, when I fist saw this and this idea (where I got inspired from) I saw those hearts and thought: "easy peasy those seem pretty easy to make out of royal icing, I can do it, no biggie". But I quickly changes my mind after the first try/fail. Then, I kept on trying and trying until I got what you see in those photos. They are still not perfect, but those are somewhat descent compared to the first tries (they appear in the video below).  I don´t mean to freak anyone who has never done a royal icing heart, but it just takes practice to get the perfect, round, fluffy but still pointy little heart. So, I would highly recommend to make some extra cookies for practice. And I wouldn´t have been able to make them without my beloved scribe tool!

What we need:

- cookie dough recipe here
- rolling pin with space bands DIY here
- regular knife
- ruler (optional)
- royal icing recipe here
- gel food colors in: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. I use Americolors.
- colorful sprinkles
- scribe tool DIY here
- I use ziplock bags to decorate.

How to make them:

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