Mini Heart Decorated Cookies (No heart cookie cutter needed)

HI everyone! The other day I made these mini heart shaped decorated cookies, and I wanted to give the idea a try. They are delicious, perfect size and so damn cute, perfect for the summer!

Ingredients & tools:
- cookie dough recipe here
- rolling pin with space bands diy here
- cookie cutter. now, the idea would be to use a mini heart cookie cutter, I don´t own one, but on the how-to videos below I show you what I use and how I use it.
- gold luster dust, almost extract and a brush
- royal icing recipe here
- gel food coloring, these are the combinations I used:
light orange: 1 drop lemon yellow +1 drop orange
orange: 2 drops orange
red: 3 drops tulip red
blue: 2 drops royal blue
pink: 1 drop electric pink
green: 2 drops  mint green
white: no color added
black: 3-4 drops black
* Brand: Americolors
- scribe tool diy here

How to make them:

Inspiration: It´s from an etsy store, that´s all the information I got.
 I am pretty sure I saw this in Pinterest.

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