Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DIY Polka Dots Painted Pots Home Decor

Hi everyone! I love home decor stuff. The more I grow, the more I like it. Not only do I like looking at it at stores and occasionally buy this or that, I also like to make my own. Weather is building it, putting pieces together, or what I´ve been a lot into lately, painting stuff. More than any kinds of stuff, I´ve been really into painting pots, old bottles of wine, and broken mason jars. Upcycling things that could potentially turn into floral bases. I need more green and more nature around it (even if it´s fake) so I figured this is a good way to do that!

For this you´ll need:
- Pots (got mine at Wall-Mart)
- Acrylic paint. 
- Round sponge.
- Brush.
- Satin finish.

Here is the easy step-by-step tutorial and some other tips. Happy painting!:

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