Hammer Cupcake Cake for Father´s Day

Hi everyone! Father´s Day is just around the corner and this year I thought of making something my father likes more than cookies. He´s more into cakes, and cupcakes than into decorated cookies! So, I thought I would give the hammer idea a try, but in cake form, for so, in cupcake cake form.

The shape is pretty simple, but this website helped me a lot with the shape, and this and this with the texture of my hammer.

Ingredients and tools:
- cupcake recipe here.
- 5 cupcake wrappers. In the recipe mentioned above I tell you what to do with leftover batter.
- toothpicks.
- hammer template. I show you how to make it in the video below.
- store bought whip cream.
- 1 round cardboard (about the size of a regular paper sheet).
- big piping bag and big open round open piping tip. You can get away with using a ziplock bag and cutting a big hole on it.
- 3 ziplock bags.
- black and brown gel food coloring. I used Americolors brand.

Here is the how to. Happy Father´s Day and happy baking!


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