Saturday, July 11, 2015

DIY Roses Stencil Stamped Top

Hi everyone! I love leggings I haven´t use regular denim jeans in 2+ years, I live in leggings. Maybe leggings are out of style and people don´t use them as often, but to me, that´s a trend that´s here to stay.. `till I find something as comfy (maxi dresses are not included).

That being said, any top that´s legging friendly, I keep. Legging friendly = It covers your butt. Nothing again those who wear legging as pants, but that´s just not for me.

This top right here was one of my faves, it´s just one of those tops that is so comfy you can sleep on it, but so versatile you can dress it up wth some necklace, a nice hairstyle and some heels, and you are good to go. BUT it got bleach stained, maybe it was a splash from when I was doing my laundry, sad moment, and I was just about to give up any hope on using is again, but then I thought of “saving it” by adding some stenciled pretty roses, stamping them. And I love the result.

-       top.
-       Rose stencil or watch the video where I show you a DIY stencil.
-       Fabric paint in Black and white.
-       Round sponge

How comes here, happy crafting or “saving your fave clothing items”:

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