DIY Sprinkles Cupcakes

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you this fun little project I had sitting on my mind for quite some time. A home made version of sprinkles. They are made out of royal icing and they go with pretty much everything!

I loved making these sprinkles so much that I, for sure, will be making more in the future. Different themes and shapes and maybe I will turn the idea into a serie because I do have a lot of ideas. Maybe Sprinkles Series...probably something like that, we will see, but it will happen!

But for now, all we need is:
- Royal icing recipe here.
- Gel food coloring. (I chose the colors of the rainbow, but that part is optional)
- Parchment/wax paper
- Scribe tool DIY here.
- Ziplock bags. (or the piping method of your choice).
- 1 square notebook paper.
- Vanilla Cupcakes. Recipe here.
- Whipped cream.
- Piping tip 1M from Wilton.
- Tweezers.

*If I am forgetting something it will be covering it the how-to video below. Happy Baking!


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