I am back to blogging

Hi! Maybe nobody will ready this or care, but I have decided to come back to my blog. I created this blog, along my youtube channel few years ago to share my ideas and creations but I suddenly stopped uploading on this blog and focused more on my Youtube channel, now I think its time to have both back, this time thought I´ll make things simpler, for people who happens to stumble across to read and for me. You´ll find out what I mean soon, but for now, if you missed everything I´ve done for the last couple years....watch here! I´m pretty active on Instagram too if you wanna follow here!

PS. I am not totally sure yet if I´ll keep "CuteSimpleStuff" for the blog giving the fact that I´m "CuteSimpleThings" everywhere else, either name its the same me behind, so I guess we´ll see! 

Enjoy and welcome to the both of us!

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