Daisies and Lady Bug Fondant Cupcakes


Hi guys! Today I´m sharing these ready cute, easy, effective, handy, and did I say cute already?, cupcakes decorations, decorations for cupcakes, cupcake toppers, whatever they are called, these guys right here. I got inspired and all credits go to Glory from Glorious Treats, who I´ve been a fan of and long time follower. Years ago she posted these cuties. Of course I didn´t go for it right away because I´m the world´s biggest procrastinator, but also because I wasn´t familiar with fondant, just with royal icing, and I knew I couldn´t make them out of royal icing, so I moved on with life and put this DIY kind of in the back of my head until few months ago when I bought myself some fondant. The rest is here. I hope you like them and give´em a try!


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